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HumiliationPOV - Macey Jade - Conditioned To Jerk To My Feet

HumiliationPOV - Macey Jade - Conditioned To Jerk To My Feet

I look so amazing in this cut out dress, but I'm not wearing it for you, I'm wearing it to fuck with you. Look how it hugs every curve on my perfect body. But I'm not going to let you jerk to me like this because losers don't get to jerk to hot girls in tight dresses. Losers like you, only get to jerkoff to my perfect feet. And I don't care if you have a foot fetish or not. This is about humiliating you, showing you that you are beneath my feet. Jerking to the soles of my feet is all you're worthy of.You don't get to decide what you jerkoff to, you're lucky I even let you jerk to my precious feet. You're so lucky to have my feet in your face, to be told that you are allowed to stroke in my presence. And losers like you need to be conditioned to jerkoff and worship the bottoms of my feet. And it's only fitting that you jerkoff to the soles of my feet because you know you are so far beneath me.Stroke to my gorgeous feet loser. Take it all in, my soles, my wrinkles, my arches, my cute little painted toes. You know this is where you belong. I'm going to train you to be my foot slave, to worship feet, whether you have a fetish for them or not. You're being conditioned loser, all slaves must know how to worship a goddess's feet. This your place, beneath my feet. Stroke it faster. Imagine being able to kiss and lick my feet. You'd feel so low yet so honored.It feels so good jerking to my feet, doesn't it? This is the only way you could ever please me, by pampering and worshiping my feet. My feet are turning you into a worshiping, jerking, drooling zombie. It's only fucking fitting that losers jerkoff to feet. Stroke faster, edge that cock for my feet you idiot, I'm going to make you cum with only my feet. You're gonna be so addicted to my feet before you even realize what's happening. You're going to be begging me to be beneath them so you can worship them. And now I have you conditioned, your programming is complete.

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