FootFetish » Barefoot Girls » Humiliation POV - Princess Mika - Toying With Weak, Obsessed Foot Puppets

Humiliation POV - Princess Mika - Toying With Weak, Obsessed Foot Puppets

Humiliation POV - Princess Mika - Toying With Weak, Obsessed Foot Puppets

Hey foot bitch, theres nothing you love more then jerking off to my perfect, sexy, size ten feet. I know youre already hard for my feet. Start stroking. You deserve to be beneath my feet, youd do anything to be there, to be beneath my long, long legs. I want you to jerk it really hard and really fast in anticipation of seeing my feet. I want you to prove how much you love my feet with your hand wrapped around your pathetic cock, you fucking freak.Well if you want to jerk to them, youre going to have to beg. Beg me with your dick, beg me with your strokes, let me see how bad you want to see them. I want to hear that you need to see my feet in order to truly get turned on. I know that once you see my feet youre going to stroke even faster. I love teasing you like this, denying you my feet while you desperately jerk in anticipation. Are you ready to see them loser?Look at them, so fucking perfect. Stroke! Look at my perfect toes, my soft soles, my wrinkled arches. Ill bet you want to smell and kiss them. Youre obsessed with my feet and finally theres nothing but my perfect sexy feet on your screen for you to jerk to. I know you love this. You dont even need to see me, just my perfect Princess foot right in your fucking face. Stroke hard and fast for me loser. Prove to me how much of a foot bitch you are for me. Prove to me how much you love my feet with your strokes.If you cum you will keep stroking to my feet, you will stroke to my feet until I tell you to stop. And honestly I could care less if you cum or not. Keep stroking to my size ten feet. I know you love this. You love my perfect princess feet. Youre nothing but a foot bitch, you cant get enough of my feet. I know just how to fuck with foot puppets like you. Youre going to stroke until I say stop, do you understand loser? Whether you cum or not, you keep stroking until I say stop. My feet are all you deserve, jerking to them is what you fucking live for. Prove it with your strokes loser. It feels so good to stroke to my gorgeous fucking feet! Youre so fucked loser. Ive got you right where I want you. Did you cum? I dont really care because youre nothing nothing but a foot bitch. Fuck you!

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