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Megan Dirty feet in park get cleaned by a stranger

Megan  Dirty feet in park get cleaned by a stranger

It's Fall, it's called already and Megan is in Prague walking through a park when she starts to get tired of her shoes. They are so uncomfortable and there's a rock in them too so Megan decides to take them off. But she can't even find the rock. Her feet are hurting and she figures it's gonna be better to walk home barefoot. But soon she starts to regret that decision too. Home is far, her feet are so cold and dirty now, what is she gonna do now? She stops to sit on a bench and looks at her feet and thinks what to do now. What she doesn't know is that you love dirty feet and long toes like hers and that you've been following her a bit looking at the whole situation and dreaming about her dirty feet. Now it's your time! You approach her on the bench and offer help. Your place is near by and she agrees to come over, have her feet washed and her shoes fixed. This is like a dream, all you ever wanted. And her feet are so beautiful! And so dirty right now. You're turned on like mad!

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