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Claire Black - Fathers Morning Coffee

Claire Black - Fathers Morning Coffee
Ugh! Another early morning. Better stumble downstairs for coffee. What a surprise! Your little girl Claire Black is already up and has your coffee served. Claire is wide awake and bubbly with emotion. It is clear shes been waiting for you. The youngster wants 2 have some early morning play with daddy. She knows youre a foot guy and she is really enjoyed the foot things youve done before. Claire hops up onto the kitchen counter and slides her smooth brown soles up towards your face. Youre feeling a whole lot more alive now and still havent had a single sip of coffee. Claire spots the little fellow struggling to peek out from your pajama bottoms and asks him to come out to play. She rubs her delicious feet in your face and across your tongue while you stroke your breakfast sausage. Claire wants to share in the fun so she rubs her tight brown pussy trying to match your rhythm. She cheers you on as you spill your cream on the counter. What a way 2o start the day!

Model: Claire Black
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Quality: 1920x1080
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Duration: 00:05:10

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