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Princess Beverly - Laughingstock Leg Loser

Princess Beverly - Laughingstock Leg Loser

You would love to be in my presence and worship my legs. Lets talk about a real scenario where that might actually happen. Come on over here and offer me a drink as if u just saw me at the pool. Uh what???

No I dont want a drink, *SNAP, get down on your knees in my presence, loser. You will kneel and look at my legs eyes down upon my command. And thats exactly what I would do to you in public for real. I would humiliate u in front of everyone. You are a reject and deserve to have everyone know that. But hey, at least u get to look at my legs as I use your head as a cocktail table for my drink. You are going to be licking the sweat out of my high heels upon my command while everyone at the pool laughs at you and takes pictures.

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