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Temptress Lux - Ex turns you into Foot Slave JOI Game

Temptress Lux - Ex turns you into Foot Slave JOI Game
Custom video request BACKGROUND STORY: You are my ex-girlfriend. You cheated on me, took all my money, and dumped me over a year ago. I was totally obsessed with you even though you ruined my life. Since then Ive moved on. I now live with my new girlfriend. Everything is finally back on track in my life until CLIP STARTS: You show up at my apartment one day. I am shocked to see you. You tell me youve decided you want to get back together. I resist and say no. Then you start to seduce me. You tell me its no use resisting. And youll prove it. Youre going to make me jerk off and cum. You decide to play a game with me: If you can get me to cum then I have to dump my girlfriend and become your slave. You start to seduce me slowly stripping. Despite this, I am resisting. But you know theres one thing I cant resist, your bare feet and soft soles. You peel off your shoes/socks and show me your feet. Theres no resisting any longer. I jerk off. I am completely under your spell as you tease me with your bare feet. You lay on your stomach with your feet in the air behind you and you tell me to cum. I do. Now that I am your slave you tell my to text my gf a picture of my dick and dump her. Tell her you just jerked off to your exs feet and you are now her slave. I do. Next you tell me youre sending of a real man to go to her and fuck her brains out. Soon shell be his slave too. In the meantime, I need to take your shopping

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