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Stella Liberty - Long Leg Pumps JOI

Stella Liberty - Long Leg Pumps JOI
Your boss Stella calls you into her office for a performance review and based on what she has noticed about you over the past few months it looks like the results are not going to be favorable for you. First, she's wearing her hot business outfit and those ridiculously long shapely legs of her are so distracting to you. Plus, she has on a pair of those sexy stiletto pumps she wears that drive you completely bat ****. How in the world are you going to make it through this meeting without getting a raging case of office wood? One problem, she calls you out right off the bat for all of the staring you have been doing. This isn't looking good. Before you know it she confronts you for acting weird and notices you're hiding a hard on. She then goes on to inform you that now you're going to have to watch her try on all her high heeled pumps while you watch, and yes, she demands you pull out your dick and masturbate in front of her. She tells you that you're going to do it just the way she instructs or your job is at stake. So for 40 agonizing minutes you watch her long legs tease you as she models all her shoes for you. You're Coerced to stroke it to each pair AND CUM for EACH PAIR!!!! Don't disappoint her or you'll be out on the street again with no steady job. Now pull it out and get to work!!! This is a project you're going to need to bring your A+ game to.

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