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Janira Wolfe - Prove Your Obedience To My Feet

Janira Wolfe - Prove Your Obedience To My Feet

Please seduce and me with Your mesmerizingly dangling and circling Feet in a POV-clip with lots of close-ups!!! Maybe You could touch the camera directly after taking off Your sexy (black) Pumps, High Heels or Boots with Your moist Nylons so that the screen becomes foggy shortly?! This would give me the feeling of being touched by Your lovely Soles right on my face and be able to smell Your intoxicating Footscent. Addict me to the irresistible scent and sight of You gorgeous Feet and enslave me for ever. Of course i also like to see, kiss, lick and suck Your bare Feet and Soles as well! Enrapture me with Your wicked commands and suggestions so that i become hopelessly addicted to the new drug Your offering my weak mind ( Your FEET). If You could wear some Toerings/ Anklet-Jewllery that would be great. I just want to sniff/ suck/ lick Your Feet and obey because You made me so weak for Your Feet through Your Footspell! To prove my obedience and addiction I have to come on Your Feet and Your command in the end.

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