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Amy Wynters - My Feet Own Your Orgasm

Amy Wynters - My Feet Own Your Orgasm

You 've come to stroke to my soft wrinkled soles & pretty little toes but I tell you that in order to do so you must agree to play a game a jerk off game.
When I wiggle those sexy little toes you can stroke when I wiggle them again you must stop.
My wrinkled soles & perfect feet own you & your cock which means I can control when you cum , how you cum & if you cum.
The minute you start stroking you relinquish control of that cock.
There is 3 options I might decide you 've earned the privilege of cumming , I might deny that leaking aching cock or I might ruin that orgasm all together.
That 's the fun of the game you have no control what so ever. Now its time to let your beautiful foot goddess take control..... are you ready to play?

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