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Miss Melissa - The Merger

 Miss Melissa - The Merger
You and I are CEOs of two major companies. My company has developed mind-control nanobots while yours has developed pills that lead to immortality. We arrange a meeting to discuss a merger to maximise profits. Having taken the pill for immortality, I decide it is time for me to share the nanobots. Except I remark that had already put some in your drink and they will take affect any second. I belittle you for being a stupid little bitch who has fallen for such an obvious ruse. I take out a remote and press a button that causes you to be shocked. I explain that the nanobots in your drink are programmed to act like a ball-shocking device and are controlled by my remote which can work from absolutely anywhere. I then snap my fingers, pointing downwards and order you to bow down with your head to the floor. "From now on "I AM... GOD!" You'll be made to worship my feet and engage in other humiliating tasks for my amusement. I will rule forever as the one true God!

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