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Lucy Spanks - Topless Hanes Sock JOI

With subtitles for you to enjoy silently in front of others! This was a fun custom clip, paired with a worn sock order that i just have to share with My fans. I come in the room fully clothes and in My gym shoes before sitting down and propping my feet up, giving you the view of my bottom of shoes before letting my feet breathe and my tits too taking off my shirt, revealing my small perky tits and pierced nipples. but thats not the main focus, My DIRTY 2 day worn socks are right in your face. you can see the dirt on each toe that my hanes socks collected the past two days as i wore these socks running , to yoga, and didnt even take them off for bed. I see that bulge in your pants growing looking at My worn hanes socks. Take your dick out and stroke slow, i want you to savor this moment because worshipping my dirty socks is what you were fucking meant for. I continue to lightly humiliate you for this hanes sock fetish you have and instructing you to masturbate for them. can you last if i take off my socks? I dont want you to cum until i say so. you arent going to cum until these hanes socks are shoved so far down your throat. youd like that, wouldnt you?

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