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Christy Berrie - Sock Bitch Training Cei

My little cum whore is ready to train to be my little sock bitch! Follow all the instruction and gather every pair of girly socks you can get your pervy hands on.

Youll be watching this clip every day, for six days a week- Im sure after a while you wont need any normal porn- youll soon be addicted to my feet and socks that this will be ALL you need. I suggest loading up on condoms to jerk off with so you dont rub yourself raw! Remember to cut off the tips, you wont be eating your cum from condoms this time!

Showing you some of my favorite socks while counting you down to THREE delicious orgasms is sure to get you in tip top sock bitch shape! Youll be eating each orgasm in a few different ways each time so make sure you have your cum boy cup handy as well!

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