FootFetish » Foot Licking » Newmfx - Angel Limas sweaty feet and boot domination

Newmfx - Angel Limas sweaty feet and boot domination

Newmfx - Angel Limas sweaty feet and boot domination

Angel prepared a surprise for her slave today, she walked so much on the street wearing boots and no socks in a very sunny day just to let them sweaty. Now at home, she gave the feet to her submissive slave worship. The goddess starts asking for a great boots worship to clear the soles. After remove the boots, Angel reveals her perfect feet stinky of sweat and ask to Mel lick them. Mel is on knees on the floor while the dome is relaxing on the bed, having her feet soles licked in a very sexy way by the slave. Angel asks for more and more licks, letting very wet her feet and sometimes giving a help with some spits. Mel loves to suck her goddesss sweaty feet and did an great foot worship session making her goddess very happy.

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