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Stella Liberty Everyone Starts At Ground Level

Stella Liberty  Everyone Starts At Ground Level

Alriks quarterly earnings are low and he hasnt managed to bring them up to par, despite a disciplinary action already taken by his boss and CEO after his last performance review. Stella feels the need to remind this up and coming employee that he is still just one of many of her minions. She instructs him to get under her desk so that he is out of sight while she finishes up a few correspondence letters. While crammed under the desk, Stella uses him as a foot stool and instructs him to clean her heels with his mouth. Despite his confusion over this form of office protocol, he is desperate to prove he is an asset to the company so he obliges. Stella reminds him that everyone starts at the ground level and works their way up. She makes him rub her feet and lick and suck her toes as a way to bring his ego down a notch. Theres no way this office slave is going to get very far without an endorsement from his superior. Stella loves having this power over her employees and makes sure they are willing to do anything to keep their jobs.

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