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Sadie Holmes - Foot Love with a Stranger

 Sadie Holmes - Foot Love with a Stranger

Sadie Holmes was in between jobs and was really down to do just about anything, even calling on creepy ads in the local paper! Well today she hit the jackpot when the man from the ad asked her to come over right away. She figured it was for a potential job interview although he was very specific on what he wanted her to wear. As soon as she got there he brought her inside and onto the couch. That is when he took off her boots and socks, of course Sadie was ok with this but still a bit shy overall. That is when the man started to worship those feet of hers. Maybe this was totally different for Sadie but her feet were so delicious looking that it would be hard to not lick those beautiful soles. Best believe the man licked those feet and sucked on those toes the whole entire time until he was fully satisfied. That is when he told her she could go now and best believe she got up out of there on the quickness!

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