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Pleasures of the Sole - Kissing Cousins

 Pleasures of the Sole - Kissing Cousins

Vivian is Biancas tall sexy cousin. At a huge size 12, she has the biggest feet out of all the women in her family, and she likes the attention it gets her. Bianca had some fun tickling Vivians big sexy feet on our step-sister site Tickle Intensive, and now that she wants to apologize for tickling her feet, her cousin knows just how she can make up for it BY WORSHIPPING HER FEET!

Biancas secretly wanted to kiss her cousins feet for a long time, and judging by the way her cousin reacts, maybe shes always wanted this too! From the second Biancas lips touch Vivians silky soft soles, its obvious there is some EXCELLENT chemistry between these two. Both girls are VERY vocal with each other and they express their pleasure and arousal without any reservations. Vivian coos, sighs, moans, her body even SHAKES with pleasure and arousal as Bianca devours every square inch of her huge feet, licking her soles, sucking her long toes, nibbling her heels and arches - and every technique elicits gasps and moans of pleasure from her enamored cousin. Vivian can barely contain herself. She watches mesmerized as her cousin REALLY gets into worshipping her feet, FIRST SUCKING ON FIVE TOES AT THE SAME TIME, THE SANDWICHING HER FEET TOGETHER AND SUCKING ON ALL TEN TOES AT ONCE!! Vivians mouth drops open in disbelief and she throws her head back and moans, her thighs quaking with pleasure!

After over 15+ minutes of foot worship, Bianca finally asks her Vivian for forgiveness, but her cousin is a little greedy and she wants her feet worshipped a little more no way! Bianca traps her feet in a headlock and MERCILESSLY TICKLES HER SEXY SOLES until she agrees that theyre even!

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