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Pedi Police - Sarah Lace - Banana Challenge

Pedi Police - Sarah Lace - Banana Challenge
Honduran hottie Sarah Lace has her first encounter with anxious Archer Legend. As usual, he introduces some silliness into the equation to break the ice. When presented with the challenge of peeling a banana with her pretty little size sevens, she seriously contemplates the chore. Sarah allows the task to overwhelm her a bit as she mentally works to calculate the best method. Archer reminds her that the banana challenge is intended to be more physical than mental and she should be less concerned with a perfect outcome. As Sarah wraps her warm, brown toes around the soft fruit, she slowly begins to make headway. Once she splits the skin, her tender toes dip into the soft innards and she comments on how slippery it is. Now its Archers turn to work as he begins licking the banana off her soles and eating the small bits caught between her lovely little toes. When he offers the banana for her eat, she responds in true pornstar fashion by lowering her mouth to meet the banana instead of taking it with her hand. Its a wonderful show for all fans of both Sarah Lace and lucky bananas. Enjoy this playful production and Feet On!!

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