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Bratty Foot Girls - Sophia Sweet - Taking out the competition

Bratty Foot Girls - Sophia Sweet - Taking out the competition
A Step-Dad receives a call from his step-daughter that she needs his help to win the contest so he thinks of keeping her competitor distracted all day.

Sophia is still resting when he goes in her house. He goes to the bedroom and pours liquid on the rag. When he puts the rag on her face, she wakes up and struggles. She tries to get up and scream for help but gets pinned down on the bed. After a struggle, she finally rests.

He sees her sweet pink feet & soles and plays with them. After a while he leaves, she gets up and checks the time. She immediately changed to workout clothes because she is already late for the contest. She wears eyeglasses this time and has pony tail hair. When shes preparing, she gets captured again and then he ties her up.

She gets up and sees him playing with her feet. He explains to her that his step-daughter needs to win the contest. She begs for him to let her go but he gags her to keep her quiet. He tells her that he will put her out one last time, then he plays with her beautiful feet. He will leave her afterwards since the competition is starting already and she will not make it there in time when she wake up.

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