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Mistress Elina - Indian Feet Slave Friend Using for Job 1

In this indian feet slave clip, Most beautiful and stunning Mistress Elina is seating at home wearing a sexy black gawn and she is looking damn hot. Her friend comes for a favor. He wants a job in her fathers company. She knows how badly he is in need of job so puts a condition. She asks him to massage her feet if he wants the job. Her friend has no other choice but to do what she says. He thinks its okay to massage feet whats wrong in it. But he has no idea what else Mistress Elina has in mind for him later on. She asks him to lick her milky feet clean with his tongue. He hesitates but has no choice as he is badly in need of job and have to pay debts. She makes him lick her both feet soles completely. Furthermore makes him suck each and every toe and fingers of her feet. Must have clip with a best angle displaying bare soles of Mistress Elina. Any feet lovers delight.

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