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Licking Girls Feet - RADA - How much sweat did you swallow (Premium User Requests)

When Rada comes from the gym, all the men turn to look at her. It's not surprising, she has a great body. To keep such a body in shape, of course, you need to train a lot! Sweating heavily, Rada enters the room to her slave and orders her to wash her. suzanne starts licking her Mistress's salty armpits, trying to lick all the sweat off them. Rada's clothes are also very sweaty and the slave is obliged to suck out all the sweat from there. After that, Rada takes the slave by the hair and presses her face to her ass. suzanne loudly inhales the aroma of Rada's sweaty ass.. she is ready to follow any order.. anything! "Did you forget that I trained in the gym in sneakers? Do you think my feet didn't sweat?" Rada shouted at the slave. At first, she ordered suzanne to lick all the dust from her sneakers. After that, the slave buried her face in Rada's sneakers and loudly inhaled their smell. Her lungs filled with a strong smell of sweat. Rada's socks smelled stronger then her sneakers and suzanne tried to lick all the sweat off them, but it was very difficult. Rada saw that the slave could not cope and deeply thrust her feet into her mouth and ordered her to suck out sweat from her socks. It was hard for suzanne to breathe because Rada's socks were in her mouth and there was a smell of sweat in her nose. Of course, Rada's bare feet also did not go unnoticed by the slave. Until suzanne licks all the sweat from Rada's feet, she will not let her go. suzanne's mouth and face will smell of Rada's sweat for a long time..

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