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Gabriella - Role Play from Boyfriend to Slave Part 4 - Shoe Worship

Gabriella is fed up with Her boyfriend and wants to break the relationship. He starts to beg Her not to leave him, telling Her that he will do anything to not lose Her. "Mmmh that's sounds interesting" She says "I will submit you to some tests. If you REALLY will do anything I say, maybe I will think to keep you..."

TEST 4: Beeing a shoe licker. For the 4th test Gabriella decides to teach his boyfriend how to be a shoe licker: She commands him to lick the street dirt from Her shoes! The boyfriend of course must obey and starts methodicaly to lick the dirt from the soles, cleaning them from the street grime and soon his tongue becomes totally BLACK! Gabriella looks at him satisfied and disgusted at the same time, She loves to see him licking Her soles. When She is not satisfied about his job She kicks and stomps his face very hard, many times! After a while She orders him to lie down and starts to rub Her soles over his exposed tongue, using him as an human rug and kicking his face again, until they are perfectly clean.

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