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Goddess Rea - Office Punishment - CRUEL Foot Domination

I am proud of my team as the results of the last projects were great. There is just a project that is not ready, what I gave to the usual office loser to do. I am fed up with him and he knows what happens when I am angry. I call him at the office and I have for him a LEVEL 1 punishment, that is not the first time he gets it!

Licking the high heels of his boss was his first punishment and he did it the hard way. I command him to remove my shoes and I stick my feet on his face and dominate him hard, while he licks them and sucks them under my commands. I humiliate him hard and I kick and stomp his face without mercy. I footsmother him pressing hard my soles on his face and I give him 10 hours to finish the project. But he comes with more questions, so he gets even harder punishment under my feet, as I destroy his face on the floor standing over him. I already have a message that his project is almost ready from his useful co-workers, so I continue to punish him just because he deserves it!

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