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American Mean Girls - Princess Amber - Amber Judges Foot Freaks

As the head of the Mean Girl Manor, it comes with a lot of responsibilities. Not only do I have to just look hot all of the time, but I have to deal with the accumulation of slaves BEGGING to serve me. None of them are winners but some are deemed useful while others are just taking up space. One of the most important jobs a slave can have at the Manor, is being a good foot bitch.

Ive acquired two new slaves in the recent months that have proclaimed their lives to serving the one true goddess, ME! But what better way to test these slaves than to have them compete against one another: who is the biggest loser for Princess Amber? I figure the best place to start this competition would be with foot worship, considering if they cannot do that well they probably wont be useful AT ALL!

There is a lot of technique that goes into foot worship; Tongue movement, mouth size, gag reflex, and making sure NOT to touch a goddesss foot with teeth! I break down each category and compare these two losers to determine which one sucks less. At times Im too busy taking selfies to pay close attention, but that doesnt stop me from choosing the better foot bitch!

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