FootFetish » Foot Sniffing » I WANT FEET - Slave Maid's Treat Sweaty, stinky feet!

I WANT FEET - Slave Maid's Treat Sweaty, stinky feet!

I WANT FEET - Slave Maid's Treat Sweaty, stinky feet!

Honey and Simone arrive home from being out all day. Honey comments on how great of a job slave maid Iliana has been doing and things she deserves a little bonus of appreciation. You see Iliana LOVES stinky sweaty feet and since Simone and Honey just happen to have some, Iliana is called into the room to get her little treat. She's giddy and almost can't believe what she's hearing but once she's told it's no joke, she drops down removing the girls shoes and burying her nose in their beautiful toes. She's almost euphoric as her eye roll back into her head as she takes in every whiff eventually getting sall four sexy feet all over her face while she inhales deeply with totally satisfaction! This girl LOVES to smell feet!

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