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Czech Soles - Foot Fetishist's Dream Job

 Czech Soles - Foot Fetishist's Dream Job
Few weeks back Ester has caught Jack in her office robbing it and she punished him with her feet and shoes and at the end she offered Jack a way to make money - if he's gonna worship her feet as he did that day and he will do it well, she could pay him for it. Jack got her phone number and he's supposed to call her when he needs the money.

And when Corona is out there Jack really needs the money so he calls her and sets up a date. Jack arrives on the date to her place and Ester immediately sets up some rules. Like every time he sees her, as a greeting, he will kiss her shoes. And Jack really falls at her feet immediately and kisses both of her shoes repeatedly. He passed the first test. Now it's time to get to work. Ester needs to prepare for an evening party and she wants Jack to clean her shoes and worship her feet. "What are you looking at? Get down at my feet and start to worship them!". It's time to make money ;-)

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