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Reagan Lush, Katie Kingerie - SMELL Out FEET!

Video opens up with Reagan calling Katie to let her know she has a surprise for her after their work happy hour. Just Reagan to start, she is in bare feet in black high heels like she just got back from work. Sunglasses on her head. The slave knocks on the door to arrive. "Close the door behind you. Follow." She leads him to a corner of a room. "Kneel" she snaps her fingers and pulls up a chair with duct tape in her hands. "Look at me. For the next hour, all I want to hear is you inhaling my feet. No licking or kissing. Just smelling." She proceeds to tape his mouth. "Remove my heel. Nose in the shoe. Deep breath in. Again." This time she takes off the other shoe. "Look at it/ inside. Your nose is about to go in there and you will have no choice but to smell it. " "Deep breath in." She mocks the breath (this is the only time she grins, when mocking his breathing). "Ok, now for my favorite part. Your nose is about to go right in between my toes. All you can do is smell."

She proceeds to place her bare feet right over his nose. She says nothing except "inhale deeply. I want to feel the air between my toes. "Smell." Say "smell my feet" and "smell" about every 10 seconds just to be annoying (but a demanding tone). "You have no choice but to smell with the tape over your mouth." "Smell my feet." Keep repeating "smell my feet" and nothing else.

After the first 5 mins or so, she says "I'm going out with my work friends for drinks. I'll be back in a few hours and you will smell again." She puts on black flats over her bare feet, show him. "Look what I'm going out in. Bye."

Video transitions, she returns from the Happy Hour with Katie . (Smirky tone like they are buzzed and all excited to make him smell again).

Pull 2 chairs back up (transition those comments between the 2). "I brought my work friend this time. Both in flats now "Time to smell again." Quickly put each flat over his nose. "Inhale." Next flat, "inhale." "Now, nose back in between my toes. Smell my feet." "I said smell."

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