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Goddess Tina, Princess Carmela - Foot Sweat For Survival

Goddess Tina, Princess Carmela - Foot Sweat For Survival

This slave has been buried out in the open desert up to its neck by Princess Carmela. (She is SO cruel and absolutely loves doing this to slaves!)

Goddess Tina and I go out to check on him. He has been out there awhile. Poor thing is just soooo desperate for water, or just ANY moisture of ANY kind! So me n Tina have an idea!! We have both been walking around out in the hot desert sun all day in these hot thigh-high boots...and both of us have REALLY hot, sweaty feet deep down inside them! Maybe if the slave begs hard enough, we will take our boots off and shove our sweaty feet into his mouth, and he can lick the sweat off of our feet so he can survive one more day in this scorching desert heat!
Isn't that just sooo kind of us??

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