FootFetish » Foot Worship » Footdominas - EVIKE - Hiring Day - Shoe Worship And Humiliation PART 1

Footdominas - EVIKE - Hiring Day - Shoe Worship And Humiliation PART 1

Footdominas - EVIKE - Hiring Day - Shoe Worship And Humiliation PART 1

Superbeauty Evike is not only breathtakingly gorgeous, but she also has a business mind and already has an important position in her company, after many promotions! Evike is a capitalist, she is intelligent, logical and perfectionist, this is why she loves to crack new slaves, to make them obey to her order! Evike takes more and more responsibilities at the company, so she is allowed an assistant and today is the interview day. Evike hopes to stay away from losers and find what she wants fast!
After a knock on the door, a tall guy at his forties enter the office of Evike, like he enters a bar! With casual clothes and sport shoes, he sits down full of confidence and informs Evike that he can start from tomorrow! Evike is shocked with the nerve of this guy, she asks him how can he presents himself in an interview like this and how can she hire him if she doesnt even know his qualifications. But the guy keeps telling her not to worry, just hire him and everything will be fine! Evike tells him to go out, as she doesnt have time to lose, so then the poor guy says to her that he is desperate for a job. Evike says that this is his problem, but he starts to beg and goes on his knees in front of her! She says to him that if he will do everything for the job, he can start to prove it by going down and kissing her sexy high heels. He looks surprised, but he does it!
Evike informs him that she has a job for him finally, but it is half money of the assistant job, and this job is to be her slave! He is shocked, but he accepts as he doesnt have a choice, so Evike says that he can start from now, he must lick her shoes clean! He asks if he can use a towel, but Evike tells him to shut up and lick. The confident guy that came inside to waiste her time, now is on his knees and licks the dirt from her shoes! Evike lets him clean and after she takes the control, making him her shoebitch as she abuses his face under her sexy shoes while he is still licking!

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