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Princess Miki - Shoe Pig Licks The Heels That He Paid For

Princess Miki - Shoe Pig Licks The Heels That He Paid For

This clip is a teaser for Princess Mikis new site, Mikis Dumb Daddy, which will be coming soon. This site is the true and ongoing account of Princess Mikis former sugar daddy who she turned into her obedient sub. He thought he was an alpha, but Princess Miki quickly saw through him and began to manipulate him for her amusement and financial gain. She grew bored with him as she saw how weak and pathetic he was. He clearly was not worthy of being her sugar daddy. He begged and pleaded for her to stay when she tried to end it with him, so she gave him one option, become my real life and on camera video slave or he would never see her again. Guess what he chose? I mean wouldnt you? Look out for her new site, but for now, check out her amazing pov clips:

Do you see these pretty heels that Im wearing? My loser ex sugar daddy bought them for me on our second date. He bought them to fuck me in them. That wont be happening again. I dont fuck submissive idiots. But I will let him lick my heels. Now instead of fucking me in them, he licks them clean while I degrade him and take his cash. I cant believe how easily Ive been able to turn him from a real man into a heel sucking pig. But it really wasnt hard, all I had to do was get him to fall in love with me and I knew hed do anything I asked. Now hes my shoe slut licking the dirt off the soles of my heels. I cant believe I used to fuck him when I could have just taken his money while he licked my heels. Hell do anything to stay in my life, even degrading himself on camera for my financial gain.

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