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Brat Princess 2 - Princess Amadahy - I Own You Old Man

Brat Princess 2 - Princess Amadahy - I Own You Old Man
Amadahy looks amazing in this clip. She loves manipulating older guys and turning them into her play puppets. She wipes her heels off on his tongue. She plans to turn this guy into her doormat. She wants all the dirt on the bottoms of her shoes to be in his mouth. Amadahy spits on her shoes and pours it into his mouth from her shoe. He slurps it up right out of her shoe! Now she uses her feet to humiliate her new doormat. She makes the slave worship her feet. This scene is so hot. Foot worship fans and female domination fans will love this scene. Amadahy looks absolutely gorgeous. She spits in his mouth from time to time. This lets him know what she thinks of him. Amadahy fans have to own this clip. She is perfection!

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