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Ariel - After Beach Fun - Dirty Flip Flops Licking And Domination

 Ariel - After Beach Fun - Dirty Flip Flops Licking And Domination

This bratty Ariel loves to go to the beach everyday, she has so fantastic body and we are sure that everybody gets crazy with her in bikini walking on the beach. It is so nice when she goes to the beach for hours and leaves us home alone, we relax and we do nothing, but we know that when she comes back, she is full of energy and usually we pay for it!

Ariel returns from the beach in her sexy bikini and flip flops, that of course are dirty. She relaxes and calls me, showing the bottoms of her flip flops, they are really full of dust! She has a half smile, half disgusted expression while she wipes the soles of her flip flops in my tongue to clean them. I lick and lick to shine them and remove the dirt, but it is too much and too hard attached, so Ariel starts to get dominant. She wipes harder her flip flops on my face and tongue and after she removes them, takes them on hand and keeps cleaning them in my tongue! They are clean, but she slaps me hard with them because I was slow!

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