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ALISA - Cruel day - Sweaty socks and dirty feet

ALISA - Cruel day - Sweaty socks and dirty feet
Today is a very hot day. Alisa was at the university all day. When she came home, she ordered me to lick and kiss her sneakers, then she told me to take them off and smell. Of course, I did. The smell of sweat was very strong. After that, I started to smell and lick her sweaty socks. Alisa insulted me and put her socks in my mouth, not forgetting to slap my face. Then I began to lick her really sweaty and dirty feet. I also thorougly lick her soles and between her toes too. I began to annoy Alisa and she continued to insult me and spit in my mouth to humiliate me more. (English subtitles)

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