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Bossy Delilah - Vicious and Delicious Feet

Bossy Delilah - Vicious and Delicious Feet
Bossy Delilah is serving up some SEXY playful foot fetish action. She loves to assert her dominance and power over this foot-bitch-boy looser. Delilah shortens his leash, pulls him closer while she starts rubbing and ramming her sexy high arched foot down his throat Ummm how do you like that cock sucker.This Supreme Latin femdom makes sure her pet is never bored. Bossy Delilah stretches her slaves jaw just enough to place and rest her heel (full weighting) in his slut mouth.some bitch smacks her slave to bring him back to his senses. Sub gets playfully teased, t0rtured, humiliated & objectified while Bossy Delilah uses his flat face as foot rest. Delilah ignores him while checking her cell phone and taking selfie pics to post on Her Instagram/BossyAssDelilah page. Go see for yourself

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