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Brat Princess 2 - Office Intern Bitch Takes Over

 Brat Princess 2 - Office Intern Bitch Takes Over

The stupid male office manager made a mistake and hired Brat Princess Chloe as an intern. In the 2 months Chloe was hired as an unpaid intern she has raised quite rapidly at the company. She quickly turned the position into a paid one and became the boss. Today is the day where She decides to fire the male Office Manager that hired her just two months ago. She makes a deal for him to stay on with the company as long as he agrees to be the office foot slave for all the girls. First she makes her former boss smell her feet. Another duty the male will have is to keep all the office girls shoes clean with his tongue. The male licks Chloes heels clean hoping to somehow keep some sort of a pay check. Chloe than make the male suck the sweat from her toes while also making him smell her feet. Chloe then walks all over her boss literally. She tramples him and fucks his face with her foot. Then Chloe relaxes using the male foot slave as a lounge chair. Chloe has completely taken over the office for the better treatment of female office interns. They will never suffer from sore feet or dirty shoes ever again!

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