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Savage Soles - Beneath Andi Page

Savage Soles - Beneath Andi Page

Andi told her pain slut, Pete that if he needed too many breaks when she kicked and kneed and stomped him to the mat in pain in their last meeting that she would make him her footrest. Pete fears the humiliation of being helpless beneath Andi's Size 11's and gets a faceful of it here as the powerful hottie catches up on texts and vapes with her perfect soles often in the very face of the camera, showing off their shape and size as she ignores him then occasionally looks down in disdain, pity, disregard. She puts the sides of her feet in his mouth, crosses her feet and legs on his face with total indifference on her face, rests her soles on his nose smashing it down, grabbing it with her long toes. She wipes her feet on his face as he whimpers and she rests her soles, covering his mouth and eyes before ripping at them, hurting him but wrinkling her soles and cruelly and raking her feet over his eyes in the abject humiliation of doing whatever Andi wants him to do.

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