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Miss XI - Worship My Boots and earn My Feet

Miss XI - Worship My Boots and earn My Feet
Miss Xi is relaxing on the deck waiting for her slave to bring her a drink. When he arrives, she takes it from him and tells him to get on his knees and to worship her boot. "Kiss them all over" she tells him. "Do you know how lucky you are to be able to kiss my boots?" she asks him. She tells him the neighbors could be watching that very second and they'll see what a desperate pathetic boot licker he is. She plays games with, making him reach for each boot with his tongue, placing the soles over his mouth to lick, then rams the stiletto heel in and out of his mouth ordering him to suck it.

Once Xi is satisfied that he has done a good job, she unties a boot while the heel is still in the slaves mouth and then has him pull them off, with his mouth, by the heel. She sticks the boot in his face to sniff and then while removing the other boots lays her foot across his face to lick and sniff. She then gives him the second foot to worship and then sticks them both in his face at the same time. Her feet are a delicate size 4 and so pretty, the slave is clearly in heaven. until she has had enough and kicks him away, "Go clean the deck" she demands.

Model: Miss XI
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