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Bratty Foot Girls - Jolene's Cruel Foot Lesson Part 5

 Bratty Foot Girls - Jolene's Cruel Foot Lesson Part 5
This is PART 5 of 5.Miss Hexx is a strict teacher who has little patience for her bratty rich students on her class. After going over her student terra's grades she has decided that Terra will most probably get a D in class. Terra is a little rich girl used to getting what she wants and she thinks her teacher will let her off the hook easy. However Miss Jolene hexx isn't going to be bought out that easy. She tells Terra there is only one way she can pass her class. By getting down on her hands and knees and start kissing and licking her dirty sweaty soles. Terra is disgusted at first, but her teacher won't back down. Terra gets down and starts slowly smelling her teachers feet. She is a little grossed out but also turned on. She starts kissing Jolene's soles as she is commanded. Slowly sucking her perfect toes. Jolene ramps it up making her lick and suck on her soles, completely degrading her foot bitch of a student. Terra moans as she is totally under her teachers command, She gets more and more brutal, her foot bitch to gag on her feet as she her toes down her throat. Jolene is on a mission to break her.. THIS IS PART 5 OF 5.

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