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Goddess Zia - Foot Worship Pack

Goddess Zia - Foot Worship Pack
Its so entertaining to torment this loser by not letting to worship my feet. Everytime he start to enjoy it I stop him and I command him to massage them only then I switch up and I make him kiss them again. He is going crazy about it. And I love to be so cruel and controlling.

After I made him lick my shoes then smell my socks I commanded him to lick my sweaty feet too. He didnt want to obey me but I still broke his will and I made him do it. He has a lot to learn tho, he isnt enough obedient yet. He will get a punishment for this.

This lucky lil puppy can be happy that he is owned by me. Every morning when I ready my messages and drink my morning coffee he has to rub my feet. He is so fortunate that he can touch my perfect divine feet.

When I got enough of the massage I told him that I want him to worship my feet. He aint really good at it especially at toe sucking. It was so boring how he did it so I made fun of him, I commanded him to moan while he is licking my feet the same way like he does when he jerks his pathetic dick. But in the end it seemed like he doesnt take seriously enough the worship of my perfect feet so I will punish him in the next clip..

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