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Kiffa Feet Deusa Hot school teacher

Kiffa Feet Deusa  Hot school teacher
Goddess Kiffa is dressed in a teacher way, shes busy studying and absently dangles her sweaty flats.

Her latest hookup is trying to watch tv but he cant really stop looking at her dangling the flats. He offers to help her and maybe even give her a foot massage but she is not having none of it. Finally she gives in and tells him that her feet are cold and maybe thats something he could help her with. He lays under her chair and she takes advantage of her position to put her feet to his face. He is almost sorry now but she has no mercy and puts her weight to his face her feet all sweaty and smelly.

Kiffa makes him adore her feet and cook her a nice dinner fitting to the goddess that she is- Thats what he gets for loving her feet so much. If he wants to have a chance of getting a footjob ever again he must cook and worship until she is pleased, even when her feet are sweaty. She tells him that now he has to come over every day to massage her feet while she studies.

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