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Janira Wolfe I Dont Look Like I Workout

Janira Wolfe  I Dont Look Like I Workout
Janira Wolfe is on a tour of her potential apartment complex with the property manager. The property manager shows Janira into the living room, and tells her that she can see the community pool from the window. Janira looks out and is very excited to see a two story gym as well! The property manager looks at Janira and tells her she doesnt look like she works out, so he assumed she would be more excited about the pool. This infuriates the strong, petite, blonde. She explains that she is wearing her swimsuit under her dress because its afternoon and she does like to lounge by the pool in the afternoon, but not until after her workout every morning! The property manager continues to insult Janiras strength, which she just will not tolerate. Ms. Wolfe commands that the property manager lie down on the floor and be corrected. The property manager does as Janira says, but quickly regrets it as she wraps her muscular legs around his neck and starts squeezing. Despite having his airway cut off so much that he can barely breathe, the property manager still maintains that this does not prove that Ms. Wolfe works out every day. Obviously, this only further fuels Janiras strength. She pushes the property manager around, getting him into different holds between her sexy legs, taunting him and telling him to try to fight against her while knowing he doesnt stand a chance. While effortlessly dominating the fool, Janira goes over her options: she could make the property manager agree to let her live there for freeOR she could just put him out for good and take HIS apartment for free!

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