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Licking Girls Feet FOX Fair exchange Dirty foot worship

Licking Girls Feet  FOX  Fair exchange  Dirty foot worship
Fox enjoys playing various games with her slaves and today she wanted to play one with anna. "Why are my feet dirty and your tongue clean? Let's do the opposite!" - Fox suggested to anna after she got her feet dirty in a public entrance. Of course, anna agreed because she understands that Fox asked her opinion just for fun. The slave girl began to lick Fox's very dirty soles and her tongue immediately turned black. Smiling, Fox wipes her feet on anna's face, leaving dirty stains on it. anna runs her tongue from heels to Fox's toes and swallows all the dirt that gets into her mouth, and believe me ... there was enough dirt on Fox's feet. Thus, Fox's proposal was fulfilled and her feet shone with cleanliness, and anna's tongue and face were black with dirt. Fair exchange.

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