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REA - The Office Clown - Your Face As My Footstool

REA - The Office Clown - Your Face As My Footstool
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Rea is a young succesful businesswoman that together with her beautiful step-sister Roberta are running a succesful software business. They were in many magazines and TV Shows, the story of how two young models became rich and succesful is all around the world. Rea is a lifestyle Domina and a very strong personallity and her success is that she has everything under control. Everything? Just her loser office slave rufianno is so stupid that makes her crazy! His duty is to snitch his co-workers and take care of all her wishes while she is working at the office, but he cannot even complete some simple tasks, Rea really want to squeeze him under her feet! Today Rea is very angry, because an earthquake in Japan she saw her stocks in the exchange market going down after weeks of increasing their value. She makes her strategy about it and she asks from her slave a glass of water, but while he brings it to her he spils water on the floor! Rea cannot take it anymore, she abus Breathtaking boss Rea uses her new slave as her footstool while she works on her laptop. She massages her feet on his face and sometimes she smothers him or she squeezes his eye with her heel. The slave makes noises of pain and he moves, so Rea pulls his hair, telling him that is not so simple to be a good footstool, he must not move or moan no matter what! She keeps using him as a footstool some more, until she is disgusted even to feel his face under her soles so she kicks him away!

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