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Miss Lexi Chase - Human Alarm Clock

Miss Lexi Chase - Human Alarm Clock

Sometimes I like to just make a slave literally bow down and worship me- overnight. Yes, that's right loser. ALL night long, on its knees with its ugly face pressed down to the hardwood floor in a literal "WORSHIP position" facing toward I relax and rest comfortably all night in a nice, comfy bed. I think it just reminds a slave of its place in life. And to be honest, it just makes ME feel good to have so much control that I can make these "things" literally bow down and worship me for 8 hours straight haha.

I have the slave's watch alarm set for 8am. At that time, it was instructed the night before to finally leave its "worship position", crawl over to my bed, and begin my "wake up routine"- which involves gentle, worshipful kisses and licks on the soft soles of my perfect little size 5 feet. I like waking up this way. It is so relaxing to wake up to a nice, long footworship session...

Once I am fully awake, I send the slave to crawl off and fetch my breakfast and serve it to me on a silver platter. And then, guess what? MORE footworship! That's right- I want MORE!!! And I just lay back and relax as my feet are worshiped more as I enjoy my breakfast...

Hmmm....who else out there would like to be my "human alarm clock"? LOL I could maybe add a second slave so BOTH my feet get worshiped at the same time ...

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