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The Mean Girls - Princess Amber - Morning-After Foot Worship

The Mean Girls - Princess Amber - Morning-After Foot Worship

So I just got home from my date- the next morning! Haha my poor slave was left waiting by the door with its face literally pressed to the floor overnight- like a complete pathetic idiot. I like totally forgot about it I was having so much fun with this guy I was out with LOL! Oh well, that is how little these idiots mean to me. But they do whatever I say at the snap of my fingers and literally worship the ground I walk on- which is the only reason I keep them around.

Honestly, this like the greatest time ever to be a hot girl. Thanks to the internet, I can date & fuck tons of hot guys, have sugardaddies that give me whatever I want, AND collect loser betas to basically wait on my hand & foot even though I treat them like total garbage. Its fucking great. I love it and I DESERVE it!

So I decide to make this one worship my feet after theyve been sweating inside my shoes literally ALL night long while I was out on my date! I even make sure to tell the slave that I kept them ON while I was fucking my date last night- all FIVE times! HAHAHA.the slave is so DESTROYED- but it keeps on worshiping! What choice does it have? The only other option is being discarded by me completely- which is the only thing worse than the way I treat it.

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