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Princess Rene - Bitchin Boots For Her Boot Bitch

Princess Rene - Bitchin Boots For Her Boot Bitch

In this clip, the incomparable Princess Rene literally has her boot addict under her magnificent 6" Stiletto Heels, as she teases, tramples and torments him mercilessly with them. Her lucky slave is utterly mesmerized and powerless to resist the gorgeous Femme Fatale attired in her tight black waist cincher, PVC short shorts, and of corse, her imposing crotch high black patent leather boots,

Her compliant pet is instructed to smell, kiss and lick her exalted boots from the bottom of her soles all the way up to the top of her thighs. The demanding Princess micro manages her boot bitch's every move, instructing him as to exactly how and where she wants him to lick, kiss and shine her delicious boots to perfection.

When he fails to please Princess with his effort, she grinds her razor sharp heels deep into the nipples, threatening to dig in so deep that she will literally rip them from his body leaving him scarred for life. A threat that inspires a better performance from the boot bitch.

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