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Bratty Foot Girls - Goddess Dee - Slave! Lick My feet

Bratty Foot Girls - Goddess Dee - Slave! Lick My feet
Goddess Dee is lounging around, talking to her girlfriend on the phone getting ready to hit the club later that night. Her slave attentively licks her dirty shoe soles clean while she practically ignores him to finish her conversation. Once she's done talking to her girl, she turns to her slave and starts telling him all the fun she is going to have that night. She will require his credit card and intends to spend a large sum of his money on her VIP treatment and drinks with her girls. Her shoes and feet must be pristine before she leaves though. She waits for him to finish her shoes then has him remove her shoes and start licking the sweat from her stinky soles. She will train her houseslave to be a good little foot licker!

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