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Xanas Foot Fantasies - The Mechanics Foot Special

Xanas Foot Fantasies - The Mechanics Foot Special

Miss Melody's car has been at her mechanic's for a few days. What a pity! - this gorgeous foot babe now has to use her pretty, cute small feet to walk much more than she used to. Excited that she would be driving again, she shows up at her car mechanic's garage at the time and day when she was told her car would have been ready. To Melody's terrible surprise her mechanic is not there. The car is not completely fixed either. Melody is frustrated with all that and complaints to the wife of the mechanic - Xana - who is present and who also is the owner of the repair shop. When it comes to feet Xana is more than a mechanic and understands Melody's frustration. That is why she decides to compensate Melody with a little foot treat. She invites the client of her husband inside and worships her petite, small feet by sucking Melody's toes, licking her heels and soles and foot pleasuring Melody in all ways she can think of.

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