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I WANT FEET - I Found This New Girl

I WANT FEET - I Found This New Girl

HOLY this is a HOTT scene! Sirena, Brooke and Indica put on an amazingly sexy show. Indica and Brooke are sorority girls hanging on the bed. Indica tells Brooke she's found a new girl that wants to join the sorority and she's also seen her feet and they're sexy! The girls aren't exactly open about their foot desires with the rest of the sorority sisters and so Indica has Sirena come over when the other girls are out. When Sirena arrives she's quickly asked by Brooke if she'll remove her shoes and socks. Sirena happily takes the bait. From there the girls all progress to ending up barefoot and coveting each others' feet. Indica decides to take things to the next level and get Sirena's face in some feet. Brooke is on the chair and Sirena goes to town! What she's not expecting is when the vibrator comes out and she's made to cum while passionately eating Brooke's sexy soles and toes. The girls rotate so that each get a turn. Also the girls seems to read each other as Brooke is spanked while she worships and is made to cum and Indica is tickled in a very evil way by Brooke while she worships Sirena's very sexy wrinkly soles. Brooke doesn't forget to give Indica some release and release she DEFINITELY does!! Indica has a massive orgasm and squirts all over Brooke's leg. In the end the girls are clearly in love with each other and their feet! The end it with a three way make out. This is some seriously hot, passionate worship and awesome orgasms while doing so. DO NOT leave this one on the table!!!

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