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Czech Soles - Rich Snoby Wife Shoe Worship

Czech Soles - Rich Snoby Wife Shoe Worship

After a long time Ester has a new great video! She loves high heels, she actually owns 160 pairs of high heels at this moment and she was looking forward very much for this video shooting and a the change to show off her shoes! :)

Jack once married Ester as this rich but nice girl but over time she got more and more mean and now she's this rich snobby wife who despises her husband and practically treats him as her slave. A foot slave mostly.

Jack has just arrived from work and he bough a pomelo for him with his own money. But the second he arrives home his wife starts to neg him that he's late and that he doesn't make any money and she wants to see how much he made this week. Jack don't want to but he shows her anyway but Ester just takes his money with the explanation that he owns her anyway and he's just helpless. Ester could kick him on the street anytime and he would be homeless.

She always reminds him how useless he is and that he's not even worth as much as the shoes she's wearing right now. And since he's useless anyway he can at least clean her shoes. She prepared several pairs of her high heels and Jack starts to clean them. But that's not enough for her. He also has to lick the shoes on her feet clean! And make a footstool for her and she humiliates him so much! She even takes photos and she wants to show them to her girl friends in the evening. Ester is so mean and snobby and she loves it!

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