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Czech Soles - Neighbour's Young Daughter And Her Sexy Feet

Czech Soles - Neighbour's Young Daughter And Her Sexy Feet

Jack runs his own small business and his friend, his neighbour, who Jack knows for years, lend him his apartment as an office for Jack to keep his business there. Everything goes fine until one day his neighbour's young daughter Wendy surprises Jack in his office. She's sitting there in his chair and Jack is wondering how she even get in. "My dad gave me the keys. But he doesn't know I'm here." Jack is very surprised and very embarrassed because Wendy is maybe very young but she is also very pretty, she has sexy little feet and she's all flirty and smiling right now. Jack tries to get her out before he gets in trouble but Wendy just won't go. "You don't find me pretty?" she asks and Jack tries no to be seduced...but Wendy is persistent and she threatens that if Jack will not massage her feet as she wants, she'll start to cry very loud. Jack tries to resist but as soon as Wendy starts her cry he gives in and starts to massage her feet. At that second Wendy is laughing and there is no trace of her cry. She's just playing Jack this way to get him to do whatever she wants. She controls him now as he worships her toes, kisses her soles as she says and lays at her feet and she enjoys it all sitting above him and laughing down at him. She is crafty little girl...and she controls Jack completely now.

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